Responsive web design. Mobile-friendly layouts, custom built apps. Best performance?


With over 42 million on-line shoppers in the UK, e-retail sales have been grown by 71% in the last two years.
Did you know that 51% of online shoppers who place items in their shopping carts, do not buy?
Your website needs to be well built and designed, to get the best performance out of your website.

Homepage web design
A homepage is like a shopfront: show me whether it is worth going into your shop or website or I may just move on. I like homepages that show who you are, what you sell, and any exciting offers. Give me clear headings, so I know what else I can find on your site.


Assure the visitor that they have landed at the right site clearly display your brand and any unique selling points. Avoid long introductions as customers will seek this information in the about us section.


Optimal page web design: Show visitors a clean and easy to understand homepage which is not cluttered and has all relevant information available on the top of the page.


Good web design, makes it easy to navigate: You want visitors to proceed beyond your homepage. With so many potential routes a visitor could take, make sure they do not get lost. Options on where to navigate next should be clear and simple e.g. using site search, top/side navigation, and/or product links.