How to optimize your Google Ads, paid search engine optimization?

High in bounce rates? Here is how you can reduce it.
By linking your ads to the relevant product pages rather than the search
results page, you can reduce dramatically the number of visitors bouncing (immediately leaving) from their site.
More general ads about a product or service category should link to more general pages.

Top tips: Bring me to the right page
When I click on ads online, I do so because I am interested in what you have promoted. But what if the offer, price, product or service from your ad is not visible on your landing page? I will usually leave, dissatisfied.

Top tips: Mirror your ad title
Try mirroring the headline or title of your ad on your landing page this way, the customer will feel immediately reassured they have been directed to the right page.

Top tips: Make sure selling points are visible
If you include compelling prices, special offers or delivery options in your ad text, a customer will expect to see these on your site. Make sure selling points from your ad are clearly visible on your landing page.

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